San Diego Mesa College and San Diego Mesa College Foundation
are proud to announce: 

Scholarship Ceremony Banner

The Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, April 28, 2017 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Diego - Mission Valley. The No-Host Social Hour begins at 5:30pm and the ballroom doors open for dinner at 6:30pm. Scholarship recipients attend for FREE! 

Please follow this link to Purchase Tickets for the Awards Ceremony online. Prices for tickets are as follows:

  • General Admission, $35
  • Student Sponsor, $35
  • Friend's Circle (table for 10), $500
  • Golden Circle (table for 10), $1000


SAN DIEGO MESA COLLEGE 2016/17 Recipients List


Community Scholarships

 American Sewing Guild Scholarship

The American Sewing Guild is a national organization that supports sewing education.  San Diego’s chapter is providing 2 scholarships for an Advanced Design student to purchase fabric for their collection, featured in the Golden Scissors Fashion Show.

Humberto Buisan

Priyanka Magatapalli


Braille Transcribers’ Guild Scholarship

The Transcribers’ Guild created this endowment to ensure scholarships will always exist for students who do not let obstacles keep them from achieving their educational goals.

Lorena Aldana

Daria Zavlyalova


California Coast Credit Union Scholarship

California Coast Credit Union was established by a group of San Diego teachers in 1929, and is the oldest financial institution based in San Diego. Their scholarship is for student leaders who are actively involved in community service.

Omeed Azadpour

David Buenaventura

Kelly Gearheart

Allyssa Gundelfinger


Dianne C. Lorido Leadership Scholarship

Mesa student leader alumna Dianne C. Lorido established this scholarship in 2014 to recognize students who demonstrate innovative, initiative-driven leadership impacting their academic, work, or community environments. “Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.” Proverbs 3:27

Mei Han Khor


Dietschman Scholarship

Great believers in education, Matthew and Marion Dietschman fund scholarships to colleges throughout San Diego County.  The scholarship is for students who have declared a major in any of the Allied Health Programs.

Kseniya Botvinnik

Victoria Bradbury

Tracy Crowel

Kathleen Keifner

Nikita Kemp

Ren Madrideo

Michelle Vassiliadis

Bryan Wilson

Shavel Yang


DSPS Endowed Scholarship

The family of Marianne Jennifer Evans created this scholarship. It supports students who have additional challenges in learning, studying, and being successful in college.

Daria Zavlyalova


Dwayne E. Gregory Survivors Scholarship

Dwayne Gregory originally created this scholarship through an opportunity drawing, and it is now funded by the Mesa Foundation.  As a veteran and cancer survivor, he wanted to support a Mesa student affected by cancer.  He said the difficult part of having cancer was watching his family suffer, and knowing he could not ease their pain.

Taylor Sandate


Hands Family Pay it Forward Scholarship

Dr. Ashanti Hands’ family first awarded this scholarship as a result of an opportunity drawing held in 2014. The Hands Family has continued to pay their good deed forward by supporting students who acknowledge acts of kindness extended to them and, in turn, pay that generosity forward in support of others.

Shane Jost


Iranian-American Scholarship

Iranian-American faculty and staff at Mesa support this scholarship to recognize outstanding academic achievement of students of Iranian Heritage.  It honors outstanding students whose goal is to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Benyamin Dadpey

Seyedeh Shariatipour


Kaiser Permanente Radiologic Technology Scholarship

Kaiser Permanente recognizes the rigor of the Radiologic Technology program and the need for students to concentrate on their studies, and less on supporting themselves.

Jason Andoy

Melinda Boatright

Kseniya Botvinnik

Kelli Britton

Danielle Donais

Samantha Emery

Alma Garcia

David Gonzalez

Stephanie Harper

Hager Ismail

Sara Ewart

Heather Just

Ashley Kay

Kathleen Keifner

Albert Lobato

Diamond Phuong Ly

Ren Madrideo

Sage Martin

Jose Mendoza

Carolina Munoz

Ernesto Rodriguez

DeAnn Sims

Nichole Sirris

Amber Tillis

Michelle Vassiliadis

Bryan Wilson


Lorelei Shellist Runway Runaway Collection Fashion Design Endowed Scholarship

Lorelei Shellist, an author, designer, and motivational speaker created this scholarship as she cares deeply for community college students and wants to help them achieve their dreams.

Adrian Lemuz


Marshall Award for Academic Achievement and Leadership

Mesa alumnus John Marshall and his wife Kaori, created an endowment to help students studying business or sociology achieve their educational goals. 

Georgeanna Clark


Maximilian Endowed Scholarship

Former math faculty Joan Adaskin named this scholarship after her beloved dog.  Joan lived in San Diego for 50 years, and taught at Mesa for many years.  She loved the Padres, golf, and animals.  The scholarship is for students in Animal Health Technology.

Mariah Wolff


Mesa College Retiree Scholarship

In 2014, Mesa retirees and former employees created this scholarship.  They know the value and importance of encouraging and motivating students to achieve their dreams.

Chuc Le


National Kitchen & Bath Association Interior Design Scholarship

The San Diego Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association provides this scholarship to an Interior Design student who excels academically and is considering a career focus on kitchen and bath design.

Loryelle De La Pena


Osher Foundation Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation, thousands of California Community College students received an Osher Scholarship. Mr. Osher’s vision was to invest in community college students to “not only benefit the community college students of today but countless more for years to come.”

Alma Carrillo Quezada

Jazmin Castro

Pei-Yu Chang

Drew Christensen

Kelli Dickinson

Robin Dixon

Sandi Thien Doan

Noor Jamal Doski

Allondra Gonzalez

Amanda Patricia Gonzalez

Aura Edith Gonzalez

Danielle D. Hall

Nasrin K. Hariri

Oliver Arthur Heyer

Roxanne Alla Hudspeth

Chuc Thi Le

Jennifer Ann Lener

Michael E. Magyawi

Mong Shek Ng

Madeline Norman

Anna Orlando

Ryan Ouzts

Kadeem Shawn Pollard

John L. Power, Jr.

Jessica Lizeth Ramos

Stephanie Anne Robinson

Dru Ciarra Sanders

Maya Fanie Shaitrit

Khalid Jamal Taha

Kailee Jean Tralka

Binh Q. Tran

Mai V. Truong

Marcel Valencia


San Diego County Hotel/Motel Association Scholarship

The San Diego County Hotel/Motel Association believes strongly in educating local youths, encouraging them to remain and serve their community. The scholarship is for students who desire to have a career in the Hospitality Industry or Culinary Arts.

Forrest Munsell

Kelly Stewart


San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship

The San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association provides this scholarship to honor exceptional students majoring in Animal Health Technology.  They appreciate the dedication and commitment of Mesa students.

Irma Villarreal


Torres Foundation Scholarship

The Mission of the Torres Foundation is to support first generation Mexican-American students.  Dr. Torres created this scholarship to honor the hard work, dedication to education, and future of these students.  He knows that a good education is the door that opens unlimited possibilities. 

Daniela Perez Padilla


Val and Ron Ontell Future Teacher /Librarian Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Mesa faculty member Val Ontell and her husband Ron.  As a librarian, Val wants to honor the hard work of those wanting to pursue a degree in teaching or librarianship. In total agreement as to the importance of education, Ron is supportive of this endeavor.

Kathryn St. Pierre


Departmental Scholarships

Allied Health Single Parent Scholarship

Faculty in Mesa's Allied Health Department recognize the difficulties of being both a single parent, and a student in a rigorous program.  They fund this scholarship for a single parent majoring in the Allied Health field, showing exceptional scholarship and leadership.

Kelli Britton


Animal Health Technology Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by the faculty of San Diego Mesa College's Animal Health Technology Department, the Jensen family, and other private donors to recognize and provide financial assistance to students majoring in Animal Health Technology who have achieved outstanding scholarship and leadership. 

Keyla Anteloczy

Jennifer Tutterrow-Koenig


Architecture Program Design Scholarship

Architecture professors Ian J. Kay, AIA NCARB, and Carl L. Strona, FAIA created this scholarship to recognize excellence in architectural design and to provide financial assistance to a deserving student who is pursuing a four-year, five-year or graduate degree in Architecture. 

Justin White


Art Department Scholarship

The Mesa College Art Department Faculty celebrates the creative spirit and ingenuity fostered in Art, and recognizes and encourages that special artistic spark shown by students. 

Lucie Samarkova


Asian Pacific Islander American Studies Scholarship

The Asian Pacific Islander American Studies Program established this scholarship to recognize Asian Pacific Islander students who are leaders at Mesa or in their community.   

Peter Santos


Biology Department Scholarship

Faculty in Mesa’s Biology Department fund this scholarship to recognize a student who achieved exceptional scholarship, leadership, and is majoring in a field of study in which Biological Sciences are foundational.

Drew Christensen


Chemistry Department Scholarship

These scholarships were established by the faculty of the Chemistry Department for students with outstanding academic success and are majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related field. 

Benyamin Dadpey

Yuniba Yagues


Chicana/o Studies Department Bette & Cesar A. Gonzalez Scholarship

This scholarship is named after Cesar A. Gonzalez Trujillo, Professor Emeritus and founding Chair of the Chicana/o Studies Department at San Diego Mesa College (1970) and his wife Bette B. Gonzalez. Professor Gonzalez was a trailblazer in the field of Chicano Studies who worked tirelessly to create a department at Mesa College that served the needs of the students and community. He taught and published in the field of Chicano Literature, poetry and short fiction and is an expert on the work of Chicano author Rudolfo A. Anaya.  

Daniela Perez Padilla


Chicana/o Studies Department Richard and Gracia Molina De Pick Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by Gracia Molina de Pick. Gracia moved to the U.S. from Mexico in the 1957 and ever since she has worked tirelessly to promote women’s rights, civil rights and international human rights.  She was the founding faculty member of the Chicana/o Studies Department at Mesa College and was instrumental in the creation of the academic field of Chicano Studies.  Gracia continues to be a mentor, educator, grassroots political activist, and philanthropist in the San Diego community.

Ivonne Salas


Communication Studies—Weiss-Wittner Speech & Debate Scholarship

To further inspire competitive excellence, the Weiss-Wittner Scholarship recognizes and supports students engaged in competitive speaking on Mesa's Speech & Debate team. The scholarship is generously funded by the San Diego Mesa Communication Studies faculty and seeks to lessen the financial burden of students willing to learn through competitive efforts.

Cole McDaniel


D.S.P.S. “Dream, Strive, Persevere & Succeed Scholarship

The Disability Support Programs and Services Department created this scholarship to support students who continue to overcome challenges to pursue their goal.

Jennifer Moon


Dental Assisting Program Scholarship

This scholarship help covers the cost of the credentialing examinations for outstanding students. It takes a special person to be a dental assistant – requiring excellent clinical and people skills.  The dental assistant keeps a dental practice thriving!   

Carly Hattrup

Theresa Thornberg


Dietetic Service Supervisor Scholarship

This scholarship helps students pay any expenses associated with getting their Dietetic Service Supervisor Certificate at Mesa College. The money is provided by working professionals to encourage students to pursue a career in this field.

Karla Parra


English Department Scholarship

The faculty of Mesa English Department created this scholarship to recognize and support students who have achieved exceptional scholarship and leadership.

Peter Santos


English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by the faculty of San Diego Mesa College’s ESOL Program to recognize and encourage students who are learning English, to continue to earn a college degree.

Ngoc Trang


Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS) Scholarship

The EOPS staff created this scholarship in honor of the hard work and discipline shown by the students who are trying to achieve their dreams!

Isacar Duarte

Bianca Martinez


Fashion Club—Fashion Design Scholarship

The Fashion Program’s Fashion Club believes in getting involved with the world around them. Thus they sponsor multiple activities to enhance students’ learning outside of the classroom. The scholarships they sponsor recognize students who have stepped up to the plate, by being involved, specifically with leadership and community service skills.

Adrian Lemuz


Fashion Club—Fashion Merchandising Scholarship

The Fashion Program’s Fashion Club believes in getting involved with the world around them. Thus they sponsor multiple activities to enhance students’ learning outside of the classroom. The scholarships they sponsor recognize students who have stepped up to the plate, by being involved, specifically with leadership and community service skills.

Juliana Rintoul


Fashion Program Scholarship

The Fashion program fosters a sense of service by setting aside funds earned at the annual student fashion show to recognize that a successful career in fashion begins with perseverance, attention to detail and collaboration.

Jessica Holland

Adrian Lemuz

Juliana Rintoul

Fabiola Verduzco


Fashion Technology Scholarship

Fashion businesses embrace technology and in turn, so does the Fashion Program. This scholarship was created by the Fashion Program to recognize emerging talent that embraces both fashion and technology. The future of fashion will be redefined by technology and innovation.

Jessica Holland


Interior Design Program Scholarship

The faculty of San Diego Mesa College’s Interior Design Program and the Interior Design Club created this scholarship to recognize and provide financial assistance to a student majoring in Interior Design who has achieved exceptional scholarship and leadership.

Ivane Merto

Sarah Tretinjak


Languages Department Scholarship

This scholarship was established by faculty in the Department of Languages to recognize academic achievement and provide financial assistance to an outstanding student pursuing a degree with an emphasis in language study. 

Dalayah Baker


Learning Resource Center (LRC) Scholarship

The Faculty and Staff of San Diego Mesa College’s Learning Resource Center created this scholarship for students with outstanding scholarship and leadership, and whose college success is linked to the learning resources such as library and media services, tutoring and computing centers, and/or the writing center.

Adrian Ceballos Guzman


Mesa Counseling Department Scholarship

Established by faculty in Mesa’s Counseling Department, this scholarship is for students who have taken a Personal Growth course at Mesa, may have had barriers to their success, and have discovered their personal, academic and career goals.

Hy Buu Truong


Physical Sciences Department Scholarship

Established by the faculty of the Physical Sciences Department, this scholarship recognizes outstanding students who have a declared major in Engineering, Physics, or general Physical Sciences – as they will change the world!

Edmund Farrell-Marcellino


Radiologic Technology Program Scholarship

The faculty of the Radiologic Technology Program established this scholarship to recognize and support the academic endeavors of students majoring in Radiologic Technology.  Special thanks go out to Radiographic Equipment Services for their generous support of the Radiologic Technology Program.     

Sara Ewart

Bryan Wilson


Student Tutorial and Academic Resources (STAR) TRIO Scholarship

STAR TRIO students are from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds.  The scholarship recognizes the hard-work, active participation and leadership of STAR TRIO students, and it helps students reach their academic goals.

Andy Cruz

Jadifaye Dineros


College Community Scholarships

Academic Senate Scholarship

The Academic Senate is the voice of the faculty.  Every day faculty at Mesa are inspired by the hard work and perseverance of their students.  They created this scholarship to recognize students who are planning to pursue careers in education.

Bianca Martinez

Kathryn St. Pierre


“Ain’t I a Woman” Scholarship

Three Mesa women in campus leadership created this scholarship.  They know it’s not easy, and wanted to celebrate other women who proudly serve in leadership roles on our campus or in their communities.

Ava Fakhrabadi


Associated Students Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Associated Students scholarship fund was established by the San Diego Mesa College Associated Students in Fall 2000 to recognize and provide financial assistance to students who have current Associated Students (A.S.) membership and who have excelled academically.  

Restileon Asuncion

Olha Mosezhna

Toan Phan

Trey Shilts


Associated Students Community Service Scholarship

This Associated Students scholarship fund was established by the San Diego Mesa College Associated Students in Fall 2000 to recognize and provide financial assistance to students who have current Associated Students (A.S.) membership and who have made contributions to the community through community service/volunteer work.

Johnathan Adlam

Evander Deocariza

Sophie Magallanez


Associated Students Leadership Scholarship

This Associated Students scholarship fund was established by the San Diego Mesa College Associated Students in the Fall 2000 to recognize and provide financial assistance to students who have current Associated Students (A.S.) membership and who have achieved outstanding leadership.

Freddy Cervantes

Victoria Green

Rachel Sumadi

Quintin Wortham


Beta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa members bring a wealth of leadership, involvement and commitment to college campuses. They are not just numbers; they are leaders and impact campus both in and out of the classroom. This scholarship was created to recognize the academic achievement of a student and to provide an opportunity for them to grow as scholar and leader.

Ehab Taha


Classified Senate Scholarship

The Classified Senate would like to acknowledge staff (full-time, hourly, and work-study students) who represent how we, as lifelong learners, make a difference at Mesa. 

Fabiola Beas

Charlie Lieu


Honors Club Scholarship

The students in Mesa’s Honors Club raise funds for this scholarship, and award it to an outstanding student who is actively involved in the community.

Jadifaye Dineros

Amairany Nabi


Outstanding Student at Mesa Scholarship

Honoring students who have a strong desire for an education, and whose achievements are remarkable!

Margarita Corona

Marte Garcia


Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) All-California Academic Team

The All‐USA Community College Academic Team recognizes high achieving two‐year college students who demonstrate academic excellence and intellectual rigor combined with leadership and service that extends their education beyond the classroom to benefit society.

Restileon Asuncion

Victoria Green


San Diego Community College District Management Association Scholarship

The members of the District Management Association support this scholarship to help Mesa students study more and work less, and achieve their dreams.

Benyamin Dadpey


SEEDS Scholarship

The SEEDS Scholars Program provides mentorship and experiential learning opportunities to underrepresented students in areas relating to sustainability, food security, and hunger.

Ti’shaun Allen

Alyssa Burnley

Cassie Casares

Lucia Centeno

Flavia De Plachett

Whitney Doyle

Michael Elgincolin

Robin Ellam

Vanessa Figueroa

Allondra Gonzalez

Bawo Ijirigho

Julia Julima

Bryan Le

Zulaykha Nazar

Claudia Nieto

Sara Ramirez

Aislinn Roberts

Joanna Rodriguez Parra

Katherine Sabo

Jeff Stevenson

Stephanie Torres


Sin Fronteras Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to the hardworking students who have overcome adversity and who continue to fight for their dreams.

Emmanuel Bahena Burgueno


The Christine Balderas Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Scholarship

Students in the PTA program created this scholarship to recognize a professor who goes above and beyond to encourage and motivate students, cares about their success, and continually demonstrates excellence.

Elizabeth Kaelble Voorhees

Seraphima Karbo


The Tina Recalde Physical Therapy Assistant Scholarship

The PTA class of 2015 created this scholarship to recognize the clear direction of the Director, and for her being an advocate of the role of the PTA in the physical therapy profession.  Her encouragement motivated this class to continue to promote excellence in the field of physical therapy. 

Kelly Gearheart


Veterans of Mesa Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to those individuals who have served our country valiantly and demonstrate academic excellence.

Janet Langrehr


Memorial Scholarships

Allen L. Rogert Memorial Scholarship

Allen quit high school in 1942 to join the Navy.  World War II had just started and he was

17 years old.  He always admired those who had an education and was eager to help others better themselves through study.  Sybil, his wife of 43 years, and former Professor of Mathematics, created this scholarship in memory of her husband. 

Federico Aguirre

Nam Do

Daniela Perez Padilla

Melissa Tantiono


Amado R. Quintanilla, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Quintanilla Family created this scholarship in memory of Amado, a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer and successful businessman.  He was known for his leadership and support for the community.  The scholarship is for US veteran students who are studying culinary/hospitality management or real estate, and are active volunteers in the community.

David Buenaventura


Burdg Family Scholarship

This scholarship celebrates Marvin’s 40-year career in community college education, and his never-ending belief in the remarkable abilities of community college students. It was created through the Burdg Family Estate.

Lorena Aldana

Malcolm Charles


Catherine Larocca Memorial Scholarship

An attorney, Catherine Larocca moved to San Diego to begin her career.  She began teaching in the Business Department part-time, and realized her passion was education.  When a full-time position opened, she gave up her law practice to teach.  She was dedicated, enthusiastic, cheerful, and much loved by her students. The scholarship is for a student who has triumphed over obstacles in order to pursue their education.  

Rena Alspaw


Charles W. Patrick Memorial Scholarship

Charles W. Patrick was the first Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District.  He was a great leader, who helped build the district, one building at a time. He advocated for diversity, enabling the district to best serve its community’s educational needs. The scholarship is for scholars who are active in a community service organization.

Jordan Agricula

Jazmine Lahbabi


Devan Caddell Memorial Scholarship

Devan Caddell was an honor student and cross country and track star. He put his all into everything he did.  He died in a car accident in 2007.  The Exercise Science faculty and staff created this scholarship for a student-athlete who has achieved outstanding scholarship and leadership. 

Michelle Mercado


Don Prommas, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Mesa faculty Donna Duchow created this scholarship in memory of her father, Don Prommas, MD, a Thai physician.  The scholarship is for a non-US-born student who is planning a career in medicine or in a health-related field. 

Chuc Le


Donna M. Kieselbach PERG 120 Memorial Scholarship

Anne Hedekin, Counselor was inspired to name this scholarship to honor her mother, Donna M. Kieselbach. Donna was a longtime resident of San Diego, an artist and education enthusiast.  She inspired her children to pursue degrees in higher education, referring to college as grades 13th-16th.  She embraced lifelong learning and all the life-changing opportunities a college degree provides.   She would be thrilled to have a scholarship in Personal Growth named after her.

Jessica Ramos


Dr. Granville N. Moore Memorial Scholarship

Judy Sundayo created this scholarship in memory of her father, Dr. Granville N. Moore, a graduate of Meharry Medical School.  He provided medical care to the poor of Washington D.C. for over fifty years. The scholarship recognizes a student interested in a career in medicine, and in community service, particularly to the African American community.

Byron Blue


Francis X. Gold Memorial Scholarship

Frank Gold was a Vietnam era veteran, an avid dirt bike racer, a father and a husband.  After a near fatal accident left him paralyzed from the neck down he became a computer programmer, learned to operate a van with hand controls, and continued on with a productive and satisfying life until his death.  This sort of determination and dedication goes to show that with the right attitude and commitment to the future, even those with severe disabilities can reach for the high rung of success in life.  It was for him and in this belief that the Francis X. Gold scholarship was established by his friend Mark Linsky. 

Lindsay Crowe


Gary Gerhardt “I Can Make a Difference” Memorial Scholarship

Mesa faculty, Kim Perigo, created this scholarship in memory of her father, Gary Gerhardt.  Gary had a background in journalism and music, loved wild animals, and had a strong sense of social justice.  This scholarship is for students with an interest in impacting environmental policies and/or conservation of natural resources. 

Trey Shilts


George and Evelyn Peterson Scholarship

George and Evelyn were married for 51 years, before George died in 1999.  After WWII, where Evelyn attained the rank of Major, they moved to La Jolla, and opened a successful accounting firm, Peterson and Company.  The scholarship honors full-time students who are actively involved in their community.

Maliha Afroze

Ernesto Rodriguez


Gladys E. Carter Memorial Scholarship

The children of Gladys Carter created this scholarship in memory of their mother.  She was extremely talented in the creative arts, was a fashion designer and expert seamstress.   She believed in the power of education, and strongly encouraged and supported others in their educational pursuits.

Johnathan Adlam

Byron Blue

Kortni Phillips


Harvey T. Bergland Memorial Scholarship

Harvey Bergland was a life-long learner and a great supporter of education.  He believed in helping others achieve their educational goals. The scholarship was created by his wife, Dr. Yvonne Bergland, a former Dean of Instructional Services, Resource Development and Research.

Hamidreza Sanjabi


Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation Scholarship

Herbert and Judy Paige believed strongly that an economic disadvantage should not deny someone the opportunity for a quality education, and they believed strongly that an education was the key to opened opportunities.  They often offered scholarships to young people who crossed their path.  The Foundation was created in 2002 through their estate, with a purpose to ease the load for college students.

Richard Meza

Stephanie Torres


Hunter Harris Memorial Scholarship

Hunter Harris was a highly recruited pitcher out of Patrick Henry High School, where he graduated in 2012.  His great drive made him successful as a student and an athlete. He came to Mesa to play baseball, but wasn’t ever able to fulfill his dream of playing baseball at the college level, as he died in January, 2013.   The Exercise Science faculty and staff fund this scholarship for other student athletics fulfill their dreams.

Victoria Dahlberg


Jan Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Jan taught dance at Mesa for over 33 years.  She was a shining light to everyone who knew her, and she touched the lives of thousands of students.  She left a wonderful legacy at Mesa - the gift of her time, love, and passion for her students, and colleagues.  Her family and friends created this scholarship to honor her passion for teaching and dance.

Sara Celaya

Chelsea Roquero


Jerry Schad Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors long-time faculty member and former Physical Sciences Department Chair, Jerry Schad.  Through his prolific writings, photographs, and star parties, as well as his role as a professor at Mesa College, Jerry inspired many students to deepen their understanding of the natural world.

Jeffrey Cook


Kathy Hogben Memorial Culinary Scholarship

This memorial scholarship was established by family and friends of Kathy Hogben.  Kathy was the owner of Party Emporium and a longtime friend of Mesa College, providing all of Mesa’s scholarship and commencement decorations. 

Eric Benjamin


Larry Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by the faculty members of American Federations of Teachers of the San Diego Community College District to honor the memory and contributions to education and unionism of Larry Schwartz (1932-1995): history professor, labor organizer, a founder and long-time president of the American Federation of Teachers and political activist. It is awarded to members, former members, or children of members of a union who are pursuing their education. 

Ashley Garrison


Matt Kofler Memorial Scholarship

Matt died in 2008, as the head football coach at Mesa for 2 years. He had also been a quarterback in the NFL, playing for the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts.  The scholarship is supported by the Exercise Science faculty and staff.

Chon Pong Lao


Michael Murphy Memorial Architecture and Environmental Design Scholarship

Michael Murphy was a talented Architect/Builder and instructor.  A Mesa alumnus, he earned a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley.  He enjoyed people, connections, and the exploration of life and had a strong desire to help those trying to find their way.  This scholarship is for students who are pursuing a career in architecture, interior design, or related fields. 

Hasti Ahmadiiveli

Hamidreza Sanjabi 


Myra Gonzales Memorial Foster Youth Scholarship

The family and friends of Myra Gonzales created this scholarship to the memory of a beloved counselor who committed her life to students who were once in foster care.

Margarita Corona


Nicki Carano Memorial Scholarship

The family and friends of Nicki Carano created a scholarship in memory of Nicki after her death in 2016. Nicki studied dance at Mesa, and was both a professional dancer and musician.  The scholarship celebrates Nicki’s love of dance, music, and performing arts throughout her life.  The scholarship is for students of dance or performing arts.

Mackenzie Thate


Richard & Eloise Johnston Health Services Scholarship

Dick Johnston was a visionary civic and community leader.  He was a former president of the SDCCD Board of Trustees, in addition to serving on the boards for other organizations.  He was the first CEO of the Rady Children’s Hospital.   He and his wife, Eloise were married for 59 years until her death in 2009.

Lindsey Fischer


Robert J. Hamer Memorial Scholarship

Terri Miracle created this scholarship in memory of her father, Robert J. Hamer.  The Cincinnati Reds, bargain hunting and collecting original art were Bob’s favorite hobbies. Although he never finished college, he made college degrees an expectation for his daughters, and never wavered in his support of their creative careers. He loved art and made sure that the walls of every room in the house were covered with the paintings of local artists. He would have encouraged the recipients of this scholarship to pursue a job that you love, or you’ll find yourself working a very long day.

Chris Holmes


Ruth Kern Scholarship

Ruth Kern was one of the original founders of the Mesa College Foundation, and served as president for many years.  In her honor, family and friends created the scholarship for students who pursuing careers in Business, Computer Studies and/or Technology.

James Ball


Sidney W. Brossman Memorial Scholarship

In 1968, Sidney W. Brossman became the first chancellor of the California community college system as it split from the state Department of Education.  During his tenure, enrollment climbed from 500,000 to 1.3 million students.   After serving for 9 years, he became the director of instructional services for SDCCD.

Jessikah Diaz


Susan Linnet Cox Memorial Scholarship

Susan Linnet Cox was an inventive creative. She worked as a fashion stylist and once she found Mesa College, she introduced a course to our students that allowed them to go out and professionally style their wares for the web, brochures and publication. Through this scholarship, we will remember her always.

Juliana Rintoul


Thomas E. Dowd, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Bonnie Ann Dowd created this scholarship in memory of her father, a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer.  Thomas served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, assigned to a vessel to support amphibious operations by carrying vehicles, cargo, and landing troops to an onshore location.  The scholarship is for a student veteran, or active duty student.

Omeed Azadpour


Tony & Lido Szeto Family Scholarship

The family and friends of Tony and Lido Szeto created this scholarship to honor the lives Tony and Lido Szeto. They escaped mainland China, moved to Vietnam, then to the US in the 1980’s.  They stressed the importance of education to their children, as it raised them from poverty and changed their lives.  They want to change other lives.

Jason Andoy

Dylan Hardie

Ashley Kay

Daria Zavlyalova


Toomath Scholarship

The Margaret “Marjorie” Toomath scholarship was created through her estate.   She was born in New York in 1926, and moved to San Diego in 1958.  She accepted a position at the University of California, Marine Physical Laboratory.  Marjorie had a passion for animals and loved raising canaries. She will be remembered for her determined spirit, and her love of learning.

Mei Han Khor


Whitney M. Young Memorial Scholarship

Whitney Young’s family established this scholarship in memory of their 19-year-old daughter, who died at the hands of a hit-and-run driver, before she could fulfill her dream to become a teacher.  The scholarship is for students who are pursuing a career in child development, teaching or a related field involving children.

Cynthia Hernandez

Mariah Mendez

Alyse Rivera

Kathryn St. Pierre

Mackenzie Thate

Jeanne Walker


William and Margaret Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was originally established in 1998 by the Associated Students of Mesa College to honor the memory of Margaret Roy, the mother of Kathleen Fennessey.  Ms. Fennessey has continued the scholarship and added her father’s name, William Hassett, upon his passing in 2011. William was a life-long educator with a great love of books and history.  Margaret was a kind and gentle woman devoting many hours to community service.  It is an honor to provide a scholarship opportunity in their memory.

Johanna Eriksson


Culminating Awards

Mesa College Foundation Scholarship

Established in 1994, this scholarship is funded through donations by Mesa College faculty and staff, and friends of Mesa College. It recognizes outstanding students returning to Mesa in the coming academic year to complete their educational goals.

Restileon Asuncion

Tommy Bonds

Malcolm Charles

Haja Hidra


Board of Trustees Scholarship--Supported by the Scott A. and Elizabeth V. Christensen Foundation

The Scott A. and Elizabeth V. Christensen Charitable Foundation and the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees have provided funding for this scholarship to assist students in career technical education.  These students are enrolled in rigorous, cutting-edge programs, preparing them for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers.

Henry Cunningham

Elvia Esquer


Chancellor’s Scholarship

This scholarship was established by our esteemed chancellor, Dr. Constance Carroll, to recognize and support Mesa students who excel academically and who provide service to the college and/or community.

Natchel Bello Luna


President’s Academic Excellence and Service Scholarship

The President's Award for Academic Excellence and Service is the culminating and most prestigious scholarship award at Mesa College.  It recognizes a student who has achieved academic excellence and performed exemplary service to the college and the community.

Fabiola Beas